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If you have visited our site before you may notice we have a fresh new look and I have a new name- I will now be going by my married name Josephine Money (nee Gibson).

I am an accredited practicing dietitian who is passionate about helping people to build a more positive relationship with food and their body. I believe in the importance of connecting with our hunger and satiety and listening to the body.

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I established Eat Love Live and the Eat Love Live Team; who all share the same philosophy as me when it comes to weight, shape and the relationship with food; to help support people to build a more healthy and helpful relationship with food and their bodies.

Food is a huge part of our everyday life and all of the information available to us from family, friends, and the media can be quite confusing. To feel and perform at your optimum and to manage disease sometimes some guidance is important. We aim to work collaboratively with each individual client to reach their goals.

Body Image

Too often people judge self-worth and achievements by their weight and shape. This can often lead to increased negative thinking, poor self-esteem and even poor physical and mental health. We work with people to be, within the realms of their genetic potential, the healthiest they can be while learning to accept, respect and appreciate their bodies.

Body image, non- dieting weight management, disordered eating and eating disorders are definitely a passion that is shared this within the Eat Love Live Team. We have all worked in these areas for many years and are still constantly learning and developing new skills to support people to work through these issues and learn to love the fabulous people that they are.


Our Team

All Eat Love Live team members are experienced working with these difficult issues; and we regularly met together to support each other and ensure we are providing optimal care to you our clients. As accredited practicing dietitians we also work with a wider range of conditions including food intolerance, heart disease and diabetes.

The journey to recovery from an eating disorder can be a long and bumpy ride but one that is achievable. We work with clients, their treatment teams and support network to help improve acceptance and flexibility with food, leading to physical and mental health benefits (one baby step at a time!)


Work With Us

Often when we work with people who are trying to reach and maintain their most healthy weight for general wellbeing, and those on the journey of recovery for an eating disorder; we find we end up discussing similar concepts. These can include body acceptance, activity for pleasure, breaking ingrained eating habits and food beliefs. As such, information on this website will focus on these things and hopefully many people will find it helpful.


We look forward to working with you soon,

Jo and The Eat Love Live Team


"I would like young women to understand that they can have it all, But not at the same time. It is so important to take good care of yourself, of your mental and physical and spiritual well being; but its hard to do. It easier to be a workaholic then to have a truly balanced life."
- Her excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, 67, Governor-General of the commonwealth of Australia